Does Planet Fitness Have WiFi?

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Most public places today offer free Wifi for their customers. Coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and other stores have them. But how about gyms? Does Planet Fitness Have WiFi? The answer is yes, Planet Fitness does offer free WiFi use for their members, but not for the public. 

In this article, we will be focusing on Planet Fitness’s free Wifi offer. We’ll tell you why they have it, how to connect and reconnect to it, plus the different scenarios where a free Wifi connection at the gym is useful.


Does Planet Fitness Have WiFi?

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Most people today have a smartphone with them at all times. We use it to connect with other people even if we are far away from them. Additionally, our smartphones also have various apps that help us in our everyday routines.

In order to get the most out of our apps and connect with other people through social media, we need an internet connection. 

Planet Fitness aims to be America’s fitness club. They understand the need for a Wifi connection, and the power of social sharing and validation. That’s why they provided their members with one, as well as the Planet Fitness Mobile App.

Some people would like to show their friends and family that they are proud of their new personal record bench press. Or maybe they’ve just finished a workout on the rowing machine.

Providing an internet connection at the fitness club makes this possible, and ensures that clients can listen to their own music and podcasts, watch a show while they exercise, etc.

It is another marketing strategy that Planet Fitness has. By making their members happy and by providing such free amenities, they can attract more members to join their club. 

How To Connect To Planet Fitness Wifi

The free Wifi at Planet Fitness is a password-protected network. You need to know the username and password before you can connect to their network.

Usually, this will be given to you once you sign up for the membership.

Where Do I Find the Planet Fitness WiFi Password?

Do you still have your original documentation? Your username and password are there! Your username will likely also be in the Planet Fitness app as well.

If you’ve lost the password, you can also simply ask the front desk for the password. It’s also possible they have changed the password, in which case it will need to be entered once again.

Some people may have a difficult time reconnecting to the Planet Fitness Wifi. However, this is not a problem that’s due to Planet Fitness itself. It can be due to the paired devices.

If you can’t connect, you may need to go into WIFI settings and click “Forget this Network”, and then search for it once again. Once you see it listed again, reconnect and enter the password.

This usually works, as it refreshes the connection. 

Is The Free WiFi Only For Members?

The free WiFi connection at Planet Fitness isn’t for anyone. It is only available to members, and sometimes to their guests.

The free use of the Wifi for the guest will depend on the policy of the specific fitness club. Most franchise branches provide this amenity, but some do not. 

As we’ve said, the WiFi connection is password protected. You are only given the password if you are a member.

This prevents other people from taking advantage of the connection. It also prevents unwanted people from loitering around the entrance or around the gym just to get the Wifi signal.

Advantages Of Free Wifi At Planet Fitness

Many people are thrilled when they hear that there is a free Wifi connection. But is a Wifi connection really useful at a gym? For most people it is. Here are a few advantages of the Free Wifi at Planet Fitness

Keeps Your Planet Fitness App Online

As mentioned above, Planet Fitness has recently released its free app. A free Wifi connection lets you keep this app online. This app is needed when you check-in at the fitness club, and is great for checking the crowd meter.

Due to the pandemic, PF implemented the touchless check-in policy. To do this, you need to check your app for the digital key. 

The app can also help with tracking your progress. Keeping your devices online while doing your workout will help make sure that your progress is tracked efficiently and there is no data missing due to being offline. 

Gives Access To Entertainment

Do you like to workout with music or a podcast? Most people do. And with the free Wifi, you can do that even while you’re inside the fitness club.

Listen to the songs you love to get you to move and do your workouts.

Of course, there are also TVs at Planet Fitness. These may also be connected to the internet to provide additional entertainment for the members.

Aside from listening to music while working out, wouldn’t you just love to listen to relaxing music while you have your hydromassage? That can certainly keep you in a better and serene mood.

You can also use the internet to entertain yourself while you wait for your turn to use the machines, especially today when there could be a queue because of the lowered capacity that the fitness club allows. 


Planet Fitness offers many free amenities like Personal Training and Tootsie Rolls. One of them is the free Wifi access to all their members plus their guests. The internet connection is useful for all members, especially at the check-in. They can also take advantage of it to listen to music while they work out or in the Black Card Spa area.

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