Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes?

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Planet Fitness offers a variety of ways to make you feel healthier and better. They have different gym equipment targeted at everyone. Additionally, they also have other equipment that can help you treat the whole body so it can feel and be better. 

Planet Fitness also has classes like Yoga! Zumba is a popular workout nowadays and many can’t help but ask, “Does Planet Fitness have Zumba Classes?

Technically, Planet Fitness does have Zumba classes. However, the availability of the class will depend on your home gym. Each PF location is a franchise, and different locations offer different things.

We’ll explain this further below plus we’ll also tell you more about what Zumba is and what Zumba classes you can take at Planet Fitness. 


Why Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Planet Fitness offers Zumba classes. That’s because Zumba is a great way to help beginners become healthy. These classes are beginner-friendly, fun, and can help improve health. 

They’re perfect for the Planet Fitness Judgement Free Zone ethos.

Zumba is like a dance party. Participants are expected to follow the steps to the high-energy music. 

Zumba classes are classified as cardio classes because they can get your heart pumping and your body sweating. After the class, you feel energized.

The class also helps with flexibility, balance, and muscle conditioning.

Available Zumba Classes At Planet Fitness

Zumba is a fitness workout that can vary from beginner level to a more intermediate one. The ones available for Planet Fitness are usually beginner-level ones. 

The Zumba classes can be taken by members of different ages but there are also some who offer Zumba Gold classes. This type of class is intentionally created for the older members.

This features low-intensity and low-impact exercises or movements for the Zumba class (and remember, be sure to check to see if your PF accepts Silver Sneakers).

The availability of Zumba classes will depend on the availability of an instructor at your specific gym. 

For the exact type of Zumba classes available and the schedule of classes, it is best to contact specific Planet Fitness facilities.

Some may have them available while others won’t. However, one thing is for sure. Zumba classes are welcome at Planet Fitness.

What Makes Zumba Classes Great?

Zumba is a popular class. It is filled with people dancing together and working out. What’s so great about Zumba classes that many get drawn to it? Even older adults have their own Zumba classes tailored to their capabilities. 

Well, if you haven’t tried a Zumba class, the following are a few reasons why you should sign up for them.

Great For Everyone

One of the best things about Zumba classes is that anyone can do it. Even if you are a beginner or even if you think you can’t dance, you can still go and do it. Instructors show you the steps that you’ll follow.

Grooving to the music also helps you do the steps easier while you are having fun. 

A Total Workout

Zumba isn’t just about dancing. It is a total workout because you move multiple parts of the body at once. The steps create a cardio workout that also improves your flexibility and balance.

With it, you may also target specific muscle groups if that is the goal of your Zumba class.

Psychological Benefits

Aside from physically benefiting your body, your mind also benefits from attending Zumba classes. Those who go through them feel more energized and happy about themselves.

It is something that many look forward to doing each day. 

Furthermore, it is a fun-filled activity. You won’t feel like working out because you are having fun by grooving to the music. The movements target different body parts but moving with the music makes you think of it less as a workout but more as a fun activity.


Zumba is famous all over the world. Many have turned to this fitness program to improve their health. At Planet Fitness, Zumba classes are also available. However, the availability and schedule will vary from one facility to another. 

Zumba classes at Planet Fitness are great for beginners. They make you move your body but the steps aren’t that intimidating to do. 

Moreover, there are also Zumba classes specifically tailored to be low-impact and lower intensity so that older members can do them.

This type of class is known as Zumba Gold. 

Written by Kayla Young

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