Judgement Free Zone: The Meaning of Planet Fitness’ Tagline

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Planet Fitness is known for using the phrase “Judgement Free Zone”. If you go to pretty much any of their facilities just to check it out, you’ll see this phrase plastered on the wall. This phrase usually means that you won’t be judged by what you do or who you are. 

But does this meaning still hold at Planet Fitness, or do they have a different take on it? Today, we’ll help you decipher the meaning of Judgement Free Zone when it comes to Planet Fitness.

We’ll also tell you why they decided to focus on it.

What is the Meaning of “Judgement Free Zone” At Planet Fitness?

If we take the phrase literally, Planet Fitness is a Judgement Free Zone meaning an area or place where you aren’t going to be judged for what you are or who you are.

Maybe you have a few more pounds than you’d like — maybe a lot more! Maybe you’re new to a gym, and aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the equipment.

In a gym or fitness center setting, many of us can feel judged by other people who are more experienced with working out. 

Like any other activity, there is a learning curve in using gym equipment. Some may not be as skilled as more experienced gym-goers. Beginners who feel like they are being judged for doing their workouts in a poor manner might end up giving up and not going back to the gym. 

This is what Planet Fitness wants to avoid!

Planet Fitness created its fitness centers to welcome people who may not be experienced when it comes to working out. Everyone starts out as a beginner who wants to get on a healthier path.

That is why they adopted the phrase “Judgement Free Zone”.

Planet Fitness says that all its fitness centers are judgement-free zones. That simply means that everyone is welcome. This is especially true for people who feel judged or intimidated by other people who have a different gym culture. 

To facilitate a judgement-free zone, Planet Fitness has a few rules for its clients. They have such rules to make sure that all other people who work out don’t feel judged.

Their goal is to make sure that those who haven’t been in a gym before or those who are just starting to work out feel comfortable using their facility. 

How Does Planet Fitness Do This?

Planet fitness ensures that their fitness facilities are judgement-free zones in a variety of ways. First of all, they select various gym equipment that is easy to use even by beginners and ban certain exercises. They also focus on gym equipment that is safer for beginners.

They stay away from equipment that is heavy and could easily injure people accidentally. Some of the heavy equipment may also be too intimidating to use for beginners that is why they opted not to use them.

For example, PF prefers safety equipment like the Smith machine to a bench press with its 15-20lb bar weight.

Secondly, they also help beginners feel more comfortable by calling out intimidating actions of other more experienced gym-goers. That is why they also have the lunk alarm

The lunk alarm is a loud siren that goes off if someone grunts or drops the weights that you lift up. They do this in the hopes of making the shared space more comfortable especially for beginners. 

Additionally, some may also keep a watchful eye on what their clients wear. You can actually wear whatever you want to wear and what feels comfortable for you for working out. 

However, you should take note that it isn’t too revealing, intimidating, or offensive. Tank tops that are stringy or those that don’t cover the torso may not be allowed in the facility. 

Also, clothing or accessories that could be safety hazards or those that could damage the equipment are also not allowed. That’s why open-toed shoes or sandals are not advised. 

Final Thoughts

What does Judgement Free Zone mean, in the end?

The meaning of the judgement-free zone for Planet Fitness is that all are welcome to take steps to get healthy, no matter their starting point. PF aims to provide a welcoming place for all who want to work out.

Their judgement-free zone concept makes PF comfortable for those who don’t have a lot of experience using gym equipment. All can confidently use it without feeling judged, undermined, or intimidated.  

Planet Fitness is able to do this by selecting the gym equipment that they offer for their clients. They also made sure that those that they choose are safe to use even for beginners. 

The client’s choice of clothing may also be checked. It is best to use clothing that is not a safety hazard. Additionally, clothing should also not be too revealing or intimidating.

It should be noted that the one group that isn’t really welcome is the heavy gym users! Planet Fitness does not cater to gym rats or enthusiasts like Crossfitters. And ironically, those who are most knowledgeable about gym equipment may feel unwelcome at PF because they might intimidate others.

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