Does Planet Fitness Have Yoga Classes?

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Planet Fitness has lots of facilities located worldwide. They offer a wide variety of gym equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. Additionally, they also offer classes for their members. 

Are you one of their members?

Yoga classes are popular nowadays for both physical and mental well-being. The question now is “Does Planet Fitness have yoga classes?

The availability of yoga classes on Planet Fitness varies from one location to another. Planet Fitness has numerous facilities worldwide, and they are set up as franchises. The classes each branch offers will vary depending on space and instructors.

When a yoga class is available at Planet Fitness, should you take it? What are the benefits of yoga classes and how would you know if the home gym near you offers one?

We’ll answer all those questions below.


Does Planet Fitness Have Yoga Classes?

With all the benefits of yoga (see below), you’ll want to know when and how to sign up at your local Planet Fitness!

The good news is that your local branch could have them. However, that will highly depend on where you are. 

There are some Planet Fitness facilities that offer various yoga classes because they have the appropriate instructors to teach the various classes.

To know whether a certain facility offers this kind of class, you have to contact your local franchise directly. The classes offered vary significantly from location to location. 

Unfortunately, there’s currently no global list of class availability across PF’s network of fitness centers.


Benefits Of Yoga Classes

What made you curious about yoga classes in Planet Fitness? Have you ever done yoga before or are you just interested in a growing trend? 

Yoga classes are incredibly popular, one of the most desired forms of exercise.

Some may feel that yoga is too easy because all you have to do is to pose in various positions and breathe. 

Simple right?

Of course not! Many yoga positions are great exercise and require strength and balance. There are many that are beginner-friendly but there are also lots that take much strength, flexibility, and endurance. 

You shouldn’t be afraid of taking a yoga class, because there are classes for beginners and you’ll definitely improve as you do more of them. 

But why should you take Yoga classes?

There are a few reasons why you should take them whenever you can. They are as follows: 

Improves Balance, Strength, And Flexibility

Even with beginner poses, you’ll be able to improve your balance, strength, and flexibility. Some poses may seem simple enough, but if you try to do them for longer, you’ll see that there is a challenge. Your form can always improve.

Yoga poses can work different parts of your body or the whole body at once. Even with slow movements and breathing, the muscles will warm up. Holding poses can also help you build your strength. 

Lessen Stress

As we’ve mentioned, yoga doesn’t only help your body physically. It also helps you relax so you can lessen stress. As you do the various yoga poses regularly, you also decrease the level of stress hormones in the body. 

It’s one of the few forms of exercise where many practitioners get deep meaning from their practice.

Yoga is a great way to support mental health for men and women of all ages. 

Reduce Inflammation

Another benefit of doing yoga is its ability to possibly reduce inflammation. Many of the diseases today are due to chronic inflammation. Such would include diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. 

By reducing inflammation, it is less likely for people to develop those diseases. 

Better Heart Health

Even if Yoga involves slow movements and staying stationary in various positions, it is still able to help with blood circulation. Studies have shown that those who practiced yoga regularly had lower blood pressure. 

Lowers Anxiety And Depression

Regular yoga classes could help improve your mood, thus also improving your quality of life. Being able to breathe and relax the mind even for the duration of the class will already help lower down anxiety levels. 

There are also studies that show that it could help lessen depression due to decreasing the stress hormone. Some use Yoga and combine it with other traditional methods to help fight depression.

Improves Sleep

Those who practice Yoga could also have improvements in their sleep. Many fall asleep faster and their quality of sleep improves. They felt well-rested after sleeping because their sleep isn’t interrupted. 


Planet Fitness is well known for having multiple fitness facilities across the world. There, you can use their gym equipment or attend the various classes that they have to offer. 

Frequently, yoga classes are found among the classes offered at PF. Yes, there are some Planet Fitness facilities that offer Yoga classes for their members. Now to find out if your local fitness center offers classes. You’ll have to inquire at your specific Planet Fitness gym to confirm if and when yoga classes are available. 


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