Anytime Fitness Cancel Membership: A Guide

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Are you just not getting the most out of your Anytime Fitness membership? AF is a great gym, but life circumstances change. Maybe you’re switching jobs, moving, or want to try a different gym?

Then it might be time to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership. Gym memberships are notorious for difficult cancellation processes. But we’re here to help. 

In this article, we will go over how to cancel Anytime Fitness membership. There are three basic ways to do that. You can cancel personally, online, or by phone. 

We’ll explain below.


Difficulty In Cancelling Gym Memberships

Have you tried to cancel other gym memberships in the past? They don’t want to let you go! Who can blame them? They want to ping your card each month for the fee, and hope that you stop visiting.

Becoming a member of any gym or health and fitness facility is great because you get to work out, which will lead to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. However, there could be times when you simply need to cancel your membership. 

You may be getting too busy to work out because of your workload. You could also lose interest in working out in the same gym over and over. Maybe the vibe just isn’t your style. Maybe it’s the cost.

Others may need to cancel because they are moving and are looking for a better option. Some just might also have built their own home gym. 

No matter your reason, one of the most common complaints a former gym member has, especially for the big chain gyms, is the difficulty of canceling the membership.

A quick look in online forums will show you rants of people who had a very difficult time canceling their gym membership. 

Canceling gym memberships can be difficult. Most don’t allow you to simply cancel online or with a simple push of a button. They want to keep their members. 

They don’t want to let you go! Who can blame them? They want to ping your card each month for the fee, and hope that you stop visiting.

Many gyms profit from the membership of those who aren’t really active at going to the gym anymore. Due to the bothersome procedure, some people just let themselves be charged or even forget about it. 

There is no denying that canceling gym membership can be challenging, but it is not impossible to do.

Some even have a smooth and pleasant experience in canceling their gym membership. It’s a case-to-case basis. 

If you want to shoot for a good cancelation experience, it’s best to come prepared with all the info you need before you officially start the process.

Know the requirements so you can provide them and won’t have to spend lots of time and energy canceling your gym membership.

Is It Difficult To Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership?

When it comes to Anytime Fitness, there are some people who report having a difficult time canceling their membership, while others were able to cancel them easily.

According to some of the personal trainers, the simplicity of canceling the membership will depend on each club. 

Each of the Anytime Fitness clubs may have its own cancellation policy that must be followed. For some locations, you’ll only need to fill out a single-page form to cancel the membership. 

However, some locations could have other requirements and roadblocks. One of the best ways to cancel your membership is to talk directly to the manager so they can explain it.

In some cases, the validity of the cancelation will depend on the contract you signed. Some may have a 12-month contract that must be completed. Some may require an early termination fee in case you want to cancel early. 

How To Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership

There are three possible ways you can cancel your Anytime Fitness membership. Some clubs don’t accept all three ways, so you should always check your contract or talk to the location to get clarity on your specific location. 

The first method involves personally going to your Anytime Fitness club to cancel your membership. This is the most effective and most accepted way to cancel the membership. 

Sometimes, you might need to put together a physical letter in writing, stating that you want to cancel your membership on a specific date. Bring this letter along with you once you go to the nearest Anytime Fitness club.

You can talk to the manager or staff and they will probably give you an additioanl cancellation form to fill out.  The form typically consists of your basic information such as your name, address, cancelation date, join date, membership number, and club address as well. 

Once you’ve filled up the form, carefully read the policy and submit it to the agent or manager.

The agent will process your cancellation and, depending on your contract, the dates, and their policy, you may be asked to pay a cancellation fee. 

Through The Online Platform

Another way to possibly cancel your Anytime Fitness membership is through the online platform or their website.

You simply have to log in using your username and password. 

After logging in, find the subscription or membership section so that you can start with the cancelation process.

Usually, you simply need to press the cancel button. 

That will lead you to the cancellation page. This is an online form that you need to fill out with the important information such as your name, address, membership number, club address, and the join and cancellation dates. 

Double-check your form and make sure that you’ve provided complete and correct information. Then click on the proceed button so that the system can start calculating how much you need to pay for cancellation fees. 

Again, the fees will vary depending on when you are canceling, when you joined and started the contract, and on the type of membership that you have with them.

In some cases, when the reason is health-related, you can get a rebate.

Over The Phone Cancellation

The third option is to cancel the Anytime Fitness membership through a phone call. You should call the customer service number of your Anytime Fitness club.

You’ll have to go through the phone menu to the cancelation option. Once you’ve selected that, an agent will answer your call and ask for your information so that the cancellation form can be filled out. 

The information is the same as above: your name, membership number, address, club address, join date, and the cancellation date. Sometimes they might ask why you are canceling your membership. 

For medical reasons, you may not be required to pay the cancelation fee or you may even have a refund depending on your case.

This will depend on the cancellation policy of the club, and on your verifiable health circumstances. 

Alternative To Canceling Your Membership

As we’ve mentioned, most gyms will try to keep their members. It is possible that they offer to freeze your membership instead of totally canceling it. 

The membership can be put on hold twice a year for a total of 3 months. For example, you could decide to freeze the membership for two months. Once it is active again, you’ll only be able to freeze it again once, and for a maximum of 1 month within the year. 

Freezing the membership account is a great solution for those who travel for longer trips, those who are recovering from injury, etc. But it still needs the approval of the club manager.

Some of the reasons that you could use to freeze your account would be for travel reasons, medical reasons, job loss, tight budget, etc. 

You are required to provide proof of your reasons before they can approve your request of freezing the membership. 

The minimum freeze time period is two weeks. Depending on the club you freeze your membership, you might be charged with a freeze fee that will cost a few dollars.

Can I Cancel Gym Membership Without Paying A Fee?

As we’ve mentioned, various Anytime Fitness franchise locations have their own cancelation policies. Most of the time, if you cancel your membership, you’ll be asked to pay a cancelation fee that will vary depending on the dates and the type of membership or contract that you have. 

It is possible that you don’t have to pay any cancelation fee if you cancel at the time when your membership would naturally be running out (i.e. you decide not to renew).

This rarely happens but it’s possible.

If the gym tells you that you don’t have to pay for anything, or if they agree that you don’t have to pay for the penalty, make sure to get a written acknowledgment letter. 

This will work as proof in case they charge your credit card for the cancellation without you knowing. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).