Is Planet Fitness Black Card Worth The Price?

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Planet Fitness is a great gym. They have a variety of gym equipment, a low price, a welcoming atmosphere, and some surprising amenities. 

One of the best things about Planet Fitness is that membership is as low as $10 a month.

However, they also offer other types of memberships like their premium which is called the Black Card membership, which we reviewed here

It is a more expensive add-on. So you might be asking “Is Planet Fitness Black Card worth it?”

 For most people, the Black Card membership is worth the price. But there are some who do not see themselves paying the extra with the benefits that they get as compared to the Classic membership

We’ll help you decide on whether it is really worth its price by explaining what you get out of the Black Card membership.


What Is The Planet Fitness Black Card Membership?

Planet Fitness Source: Wikipedia

The Black Card Membership at Planet Fitness is their most expensive membership option. Although it is the most expensive level they charge, it is still quite affordable as compared to the many competing gyms like Anytime Fitness, Gold’s Gym, or Crossfit.

Aside from the Black Card membership, Planet Fitness also offers a basic or classic membership.

This kind of membership will only allow you access to your home club. But it gives you unlimited use of the different gym equipment and use of WiFi.

For Black Card holders, there is so much more that you’ll get access to. You have everything that the basic membership has plus the following below.

For Black Card holders, there is so much more that you’ll get access to.

Let’s get to know the options in full detail.

Access To All PF Locations

Did you know that Planet Fitness has over 2000 locations worldwide? One of the best things about having a Black Card membership is that you have access to all of them

Are you taking a vacation to Canada, Mexico, or the Dominican Republic? There are also Planet Fitness gyms there that you can go to.

That means you don’t have to miss your workout even if you are on vacation! 

Bring A Guest

Another good thing about having a Black Card membership is that you can always bring a guest to work out with you. 

Are you looking for a gym buddy? A buddy helps so much with motivation! You can certainly bring one with you, every time you go to Planet Fitness.

Note: Although your guest is welcome at Planet Fitness, they are only free to work out there if you are also present. If you are not in the present, then they won’t be allowed to come in. 

Tanning Beds

Another thing that could make your Black Card membership at Planet Fitness is the unlimited access to Planet Fitness Tanning Beds.

Now you can tone your body and tan your body in the same place. 

Although they say that you have unlimited use of the tanning bed, that doesn’t mean you can lay there all day long! That is not advisable. And clearly dangerous.

However, you could use the tanning bed regularly. 

Hydromassage Chairs

Who doesn’t want to relax after a tiring workout? One way to do that is to lay down in the hydromassage chairs at Planet Fitness. 

Some people don’t even work out first before using it. You could always go there just to use the massage chairs if you feel very stressed to get a bit of relaxation. 

Just take note that there could be a queue for using the massage chairs, and you may want to get on the schedule before your workout.

Total Body Enhancement 

Beauty Angel 1 Source Flickr

Apart from tanning and hydromassages, you can also get the most out of your Black Card membership by using their total body enhancement machines known as the Beauty Angel

This machine uses red light therapy and vibration and has several positive impacts on the body.

Discount On Reebok

Do you like Reebok? How about a 20% discount on your purchase? That is also included in the perks of being a Black Cardholder at Planet Fitness.

Why Is Planet Fitness Black Card Worth It?

The Black Card membership in Planet Fitness is their highest tier when it comes to the membership they offer. There are several fees you need to pay for this membership. 

First of all, there is an annual fee that costs around $39, then there’s also the startup fee that typically costs $1, and then the monthly fee is usually $22.99.

By looking at the price and comparing it with other gyms, Planet Fitness does have a competitive offer. They aren’t that expensive but what they offer isn’t just the basic gym equipment too. 

From the list above, you can see that you have access to various amenities and access to the different PF locations worldwide.

We’d say that for all these, the Black Card membership is worth it.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).