Does LA Fitness Have a Basketball Court?

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Basketball is one of the most fun workouts you can do. It requires lots of stamina, endurance, sprinting ability, camaraderie, and focus. 

Instead of running on a treadmill, wouldn’t it be great to have a ball court in the gym? Yes!

Does LA Fitness have a basketball court? The good news is that most LA Fitness locations feature basketball courts. Sweet!

You can certainly use the basketball court at LA Fitness for exercise, to burn calories, and have fun as well. Maybe you’ll even make some new friends or gym-buddies along the way!

We’ll go into more detail on LA Fitness Basketball below.


Does LA Fitness Have a Basketball Court?

LA Fitness is a great gym. They have an impressive list of gym equipment, some nice amenities, reasonably affordable membership fees, and consumer-friendly policies

Among their amenities are frequently basketball courts, volleyball courts, pools, and saunas. The availability of these amenities will vary depending on the location of the gym. 

Love it!Fantastic, fun exercise!

The presence of basketball courts and other similar amenities helps LA Fitness to attract more potential members to join them, especially those who are into sports. It’s a great way to make their members have fun, socialize, and improve their physique, too. 

Having basketball courts and volleyball courts has given LA Fitness an advantage over the competition. There are many who really enjoy these sports, and having a nice place to play them is a big attraction.

They even go a step further by having regular tournaments that everyone can enjoy. 

Do All LA Fitness Have Basketball Courts?

Not every LA Fitness location will have a basketball court, but most locations provide them.

It is more likely for bigger and more populous cities to have LA Fitness gyms that have a basketball court. If you are not sure about what your local gym offers, it’s best to visit or call to go over the amenities before signing up. 

When it comes to gyms with basketball courts, LA Fitness is one of the more prominent chains that offers basketball courts in many of their locations. Other large gyms like Planet Fitness don’t usually have them.

Apart from that, they also often have volleyball courts. In fact, they even have basketball leagues, volleyball leagues, and racquetball tournaments. 

Reasons To Play Basketball

LA Fitness includes basketball courts in their gyms even though they take up a lot of space because it is a great way to work out the body. It can help strengthen the muscles and improve your stamina. 

With basketball, you have to know how to quickly move. It’s a high-intensity workout that can help improve your coordination and balance.

Basketball can also help with cardio health and overall fitness. You can relieve stress just by playing a game. It is fun and it also helps with the release of endorphins to help you get into a better mood — especially if your team wins! 

Although you can shoot some hoops alone, playing the actual game also helps improve your social skills.

It can help you feel a sense of community with other players, who may become gym buddies. 

Playing Basketball At LA Fitness

Although many of the LA Fitness locations have a basketball court that you can use, you may still need to pay an extra added fee on your membership to use it. 

As of publication, most (if not all) LA Fitness gyms that have basketball courts have opened them. They were previously closed due to the threat of the pandemic, but should now all be open.

However, health standards are still being implemented for the safety of all. 

What’s great about LA Fitness is that there are regular basketball tournaments. That means it is a great gym for those who are really into sports, specifically basketball. 

The basketball tournament will usually last for about 8-10 weeks. If you are a basketball player, you can join the tournament. 

Those who play in the tournaments will have their stats tracked. You can view the information through the LA Fitness app. From there, you can really see how you compare with the other players. 

If you want to use the basketball court at LA Fitness, you have to book it beforehand. You can easily do this by simply using the app. This way you can make sure that you can play on the court.

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