Does LA Fitness Have A Sauna?

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What better way to end your workout for the day than to have hot relaxation in a sauna? Although it’s great to stop into a sauna after a workout, wouldn’t it be amazing if the gym itself had a sauna on-site?

Sadly, not all gyms have saunas. In fact, only a few gyms usually have a sauna in their facility. 

So does LA Fitness have a sauna? The answer is yes and no. Although saunas could be found in some LA Fitness gyms, many LA Fitness locations do not have saunas. 

It all depends on your local gym location. You’ll have to confirm with your local gym before deciding to get a membership.


Does LA Fitness Have A Sauna?

Do you really always go to the gym to work out with full enthusiasm? Yeah, a lot of us go when we’re already exhausted and somehow manage to power through it.

But if you know you have something you want waiting for you at the end of the workout, then you’d feel a little bit more positive. 

That treat at the end. Maybe it’s a visit to the tanning bed.

But many gym-goers look forward to a relaxing sauna after their workout. A sauna bath is incredibly rejuvenating and relaxing, not just to your muscles but also to your mind. 

There’s loads of evidence saunas bring positive health benefits, including longevity.

The heat helps in inducing the release of feel-good hormones known as endorphins. That same hormone is also usually released after the workout.

Combining it with a post-workout sauna prolongs that euphoric feeling. 

Saunas are also great for the muscles and LA Fitness understands that. That’s why many locations have made saunas available to help members relieve themselves of the pain from exhausted muscles.

There are many benefits of using a sauna after a workout. LA Fitness provides its members access to the sauna for that reason. They simply want their members to feel that their membership in the gym is worth the money they pay for. 

Saunas in a gym also make for a great marketing strategy. It attracts members to the gym because of the benefits they can get out of it. 

Unfortunately, not all locations have saunas.

Guide To The Sauna At LA Fitness

If there is a sauna at your local LA Fitness gym, expect that there are separate saunas for men and women.

Usually, the saunas are located near the locker areas. Typically it is a small room and could only accommodate a few people, perhaps 3-4 at a time. 

When using the sauna at LA Fitness, there are a few rules that you should follow. These rules were created to help make sure the safety of the people who use them. 

First of all, not all people are allowed in the sauna. If you are pregnant, elderly, or have a medical condition that could be negatively affected by the heat of the sauna, then you shouldn’t use it.

It is best to consult with your physician before you use the sauna at LA Fitness, or anywhere else.

Although children ages 14 and above could be allowed in the sauna, they should always be accompanied by an adult.

Also, remember that you shouldn’t be putting any liquid on the rocks. It is not allowed (unlike what you might experience in a Scandanavian sauna experience). 

If you want to listen to music while using the sauna, then you should your music with you, but keep in mind that the heat may damage some electric devices.

Only members of LA Fitness are allowed to use the sauna.

If you are a guest, you may also be allowed to use the sauna. That would depend on the policy of the local LA Fitness gym.

Usually, there is a 30-minute timer at the sauna so as to give chance to others to use the sauna. The time limit also helps prevent members from over-exposure to the heat. 

LA Fitness Sauna Rules

LA Fitness is a good gym to choose when you want to work out and take advantage of the various amenities available like the sauna.

Members of the gym can use the sauna if they wish to but certain rules should be followed such as the following: 

Available Times For Use

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could use the sauna at any time of the day? Unfortunately for LA Fitness, there is a time when you can use it.

Usually, the gyms allow you to use the sauna starting at 5:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night. 

Occupancy Limit

Although most LA Fitness gyms now allow the use of the sauna, it is still possible that there is a limit as to how many people could use it.

The occupancy limit may vary from one area to another and is at the discretion of the franchisee. 

Shower Before Entering

Using the sauna after your workout is great for the muscles. However, that doesn’t mean that you should immediately head to the sauna after your workout. You first have to take a shower for hygiene purposes. 

Use A Towel On Your Seat

After finding a spot you plan to sit in, you should first place a clean towel on it. That will help absorb any of your sweat that could drip from your body. 

No Eating Or Working Out

Eating is not allowed in the sauna. Working out should only be done in the gym area and not the sauna.

Maximum Of 20 Minutes

You are allowed to stay inside the sauna for about 20 minutes. That is enough to help with your muscles. It also gives chance for others to use the sauna. 

Minimize Noise 

The sauna is also a good place to relax so you should minimize noise. Conversations are okay but should be kept to a minimum.

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