OrangeTheory Guest Pass: The Full Details

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For many of us, committing to a healthy, engaged lifestyle involves joining an excellent gym like OrangeTheory Fitness. And of course, you’ll have to actually go to the gym and work out! 

But sometimes it’s more fun to work out with a friend. Can you bring a guest to OrangeTheory?

If you love your OTF gym experience, you can share it with a friend or family member. The way to do that is with an OrangeTheory Guest Pass

With a Guest Pass, you can find a potential gym buddy to go and work out with you. Or you can simply share your gym discovery to help other people in your circle get healthier too. 

In this article, we will discuss the OrangeTheory guest pass, how to get it, and other alternatives to it. 


What Is The OrangeTheory Guest Pass?

If you like the experience you have at OrangeTheory, you can’t help but share it to other people too!

Some people don’t like to just take your word for it. They’d have to experience it themselves to see the benefits. 

OrangeTheory Fitness makes that easier by allowing guests to try out the OrangeTheory experience for free through the use of a guest pass. 

The guest pass allows your guest to attend a class with you for free. In that way, your friend or family member can see how OTF works and can decide if it is right for them. They can rock the treadmill in a class, all without having to pay anything. 

This is also a great way to see if the environment and experience are great for you. Some people may love the workout but not the Orange-glowing environment.

Trying it out for free without any commitment helps OTF get introduced to new people. 

The OrangeTheory Guestpass is a great promotional tool for OTF. It allows them to attract potential clients to become members of the gym.

Current, passionate members are the best resource for new members OTF has! 

The guest pass is suitable for a guest who lives in the same area. Neighbors and other family members are usually the ones you can take. If you’d like to take a friend, you should go to the OTF facility that is near their residence to use the guest pass.

Additionally, the guest pass is only available for first-time visitors. If your guest has already been a guest, unfortunately, they can’t use the guest pass again — even if they were a guest of another member.

Remember that OTF members can take classes at any OTF facility. But guests can only take a class at the location where their friend is a member.

Also, guests may not be able to get on the waitlist.

How Can You Get an OrangeTheory Guest Pass?

There are several instances where the OrangeTheory guest pass is given. For some, it is given to members once they sign up to become a member. They are given several passess that they can use. 

Some members may receive an email from OrangeTheory that gives guest passes. Always check for promotions and possible discounts in your emails from OTF! 

Keep in mind that guest passes sent over email often have an expiration date. Of course, you don’t have to use it. But it is a great way to introduce the OrangeTheory gym, and its Heart Rate Zone method, to people you know. 

Other Sources Of OTF Guest Passes

If you want a guest pass but didn’t receive any in your email, or you’ve already used up the ones they gave you when you first signed up, you may have other options.


When you attend class, there are some trainers who tell the class that they have free guest passes. Anyone who wants them can get them.


You can also try asking for free guest passes at the reception area. Some of them will give you. After all, you’ll actually be helping them have potential members by letting others try out their facility.

OTF Website

Occasionally OTF may have some guest pass information on the website, and it’s worth checking out from time to time if you’re in search of a pass.

OrangeTheory Day Pass: Try It Out!

If you don’t have any guest passes and you have a guest that you want to get in for free, you can simply ask reception. The guest pass is actually just a reminder for members to go and try to bring someone new into the flock. 

OTF offers a free first class for locals who aren’t members. Keep in mind it has to be the guest’s first visit to OTF in order to get a free class. 

OTF offers a free first class for locals who aren’t members. Keep in mind it has to be the guest’s first visit to OTF in order to get a free class. 

Similarly, if you don’t know any members to obtain the guest pass, you can try the classes at OTF for free. They have a free first-class offer. You can test your experience before you become a member. Be sure you check out their requirements and dress code before you go.

That will help you decide whether you like their workouts or not.

If the first class isn’t enough to make up your mind, you can become a member. They charge monthly and they have several plans that can suit your preferred schedule and frequency of workout. If you feel the need to cancel, here’s how to do it.

There are other savings and discounts offered at OTF too. If you have another family member who is also a member of the said facility, you can also have the family discount. 


Final Thoughts

The OrangeTheory Guest Pass is a great way to introduce OTF to a friend or family member. This pass allows your guest to work out with you for free. Just remember it has to be their first time at OTF, and they must be local to you.

A guest pass is typically given to members once they sign up. Some people also receive them in their emails from time to time. Some may have an expiration date. 

Additionally, trainers may also give them away during the classes, or you can simply ask for one at reception. 

If you can’t find a guest pass, there is an alternative. You can go to the OTF facility and sign up for a free first class. The free first class offer is usually available, and it gives people a chance to try the workouts without commitment. 

Written by Kayla Young

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