OrangeTheory Dress Code. What To Wear to OrangeTheory

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When exercising at home, you don’t have to think about what to wear. You just wear the clothes you are comfortable in. If you like working out with just your undies, no one will know!

However, when you work out at gyms like OrangeTheory Fitness, where others are also exercising, you have to dress appropriately. You don’t want to feel awkward, bother other gym-goers, or hurt yourself due to your clothing choices! 

In this article, we will tell you about the OrangeTheory Dress Code and recommendations. Unfortunately, the rules are vague and vary from location to location. We’ll explain it, and give you some general recommendations.

However, your individual gym may differ from these guidelines.

Following the dress code will help prevent you from getting kicked out of the facility, or potentially injuring yourself. 


The Orangetheory Dress Code

When you look online for information about the Orangetheory Dress Code, you won’t find a whole lot of advice. Even on their website, they only ask members and guests to wear athletic tops and bottoms, plus enclosed running shoes. 

However, their site also states that their Franchisees have the right to stop the clients from entering the facility if they are not wearing the proper attire.

Those who wear clothing that other members may find offensive could be asked to change before they come back to the facility. 

That means the best way to know if what the specific OrangeTheory franchise permits for clothing is to give that location a call. Also, if you haven’t signed up, there will likely be a dress code bit on your individual sign-up form.

The dress code policy may vary depending on the particular location. Since you may also be asked to leave if other members find your outfit offensive, it may also depend on the preference of people going to that specific gym. 

As an example, some OrangeTheory Fitness locations require you to wear tops that hide your tummy. And it can be confusing! Some of OT’s marking materials may show women wearing sports bras, but some franchise locations do not allow this.


Although we understand that you may want to flaunt the abs that you’ve worked hard for, some people may not really appreciate that and find the look bothersome or distracting. 

What To Wear To OrangeTheory

The official dress code at OrangeTheory Fitness is as vague as it gets. That can leave you wondering what to wear when you workout there.

Well, we’re here to help you with that. Below are a few ideas on what you should wear when you go to OrangeTheory, or while working out in general.

Quick-drying Shirts

OTF is known for making you sweat. Their classes raise your heart rate to the Orange (or Red!) and your body works out. Hard.

With all that sweat, a quick-drying shirt is a must. 

The quick-drying shirts will prevent you from feeling uncomfortable because you are soaking wet. It’s great to sweat while working out, but getting drenched and soaking in sweat for prolonged periods of time is not comfy at all. 

Chafe-Resistant Sports Bra

A good, supportive bra is a must. However, you shouldn’t just go with that. OTF’s classes and workouts aren’t the same as, say, a hot yoga class. And what you might wear to hot yoga class isn’t the same as what’s appropriate at OT.

With repeated and fast movements, you want your bra to be chafe-resistant so you don’t irritate your skin while working out. 

Choose those that are wire-free so you can move freely without pain or restriction. Carefully select your bra, even though you’ll be wearing it under a shirt. 

Moisture-Wicking Leggings Or Pants

Your upper body isn’t the only part that sweats. That’s why you also need to carefully choose the bottoms you pair your tops with. 

Make sure they are also moisture-wicking. That helps make you feel comfortable. You can select long pants, short pants or leggings. It is up to you. 

Those made for workouts and athletics are soft and stretchy so you can comfortably move without limits. 

Enclosed Running Shoes

The best footwear for working out in Orangetheory are enclosed running shoes. They are also a requirement! So don’t think you can enter the facility with your flip-flops. 

Enclosed shoes are better at protecting your toes. The running shoes are also supportive of your feet and entire body. They can help provide cushion so you don’t injure yourself trying to keep up with fast-paced exercises. 

Moisture-wicking Socks

You will thank yourself later for wearing moisture-wicking socks at the gym. These will help prevent moisture from being in constant contact with your feet. 

That also helps prevent the bacteria from thriving in your feet. In that way, you can avoid athlete’s feet and smelly feet. 

Hair, Jewelry, and Other Accessories

Another uncomfortable thing is having your hair all over your face when you exercise. If you have long hair, make sure to tie it up somehow. Additionally, you can also use a headband to prevent shorter hair from going all over the place. 

Hair accessories aren’t only limited to women — men can use them too. Embrace the 70’s headband!

When it comes to jewelry, you really shouldn’t be wearing any jewelry that hangs or could get caught on anything. Jewelry like this is a hazard, and could easily be damaged, or get you tangled in something you don’t want to be tangled in.

Rings and tight-fitting jewelry should be fine, but loose necklaces, etc. should not be worn.

What To Bring To OrangeTheory

  1. Appropriate clothing (see above!)
  2. Your Heart Rate Monitor
  3. A Water Bottle
  4. Your Phone With the OTF App
  5. A Towel and a Change of Clothes
  6. Headphones
  7. Shower Essentials, Deodorant, etc.

OrangeTheory Shop

If you are still not sure about what to wear, you can check out the Orangetheory shop. They sell various apparel both for men and women. 

They also have accessories and safety supplies like disposable masks. 

Final Thoughts

The global dress code for OrangeTheory fitness is vague. They only require you to wear athletic attire with running shoes that have an enclosed toe. 

Individual franchises may have much more specific rules, but this varies.

No matter what gym you are going to, the general idea is this: wearing proper attire will make your workout more enjoyable, safe, and comfortable. Select dry-fit and moisture-wicking tops, bottoms, and socks. You probably shouldn’t wear just a sports bra, though this varies by location.

Also, don’t forget to select supportive, enclosed running shoes.

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