OrangeTheory Waitlist: How Does It Work?

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OrangeTheory Fitness centers have taken the world by orange-glowing storm. OrangeTheory uses class-based exercises focused on heart rate zones. The classes typically last about an hour, and can really kick your you-know-where. 

Typically, there are 24-26 participants for each class. You have to sign up for classes before showing up at the facility. When a class is full, you can sign up on the waitlist.

So how does the OrangeTheory waitlist work?

The OrangeTheory Waitlist works pretty much like other waitlists, and you’ll get into the class if enough people in front of you drop out.

Details about how it works and other more common questions about the OrangeTheory waitlist policy are below. 


How Does The OrangeTheory Waitlist Work?

Classes at OTF are spread throughout the day from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm. They usually last for about an hour.

You choose which classes you’d like to attend. 

To do that, you have to book the class. However, if the class is already booked to capacity, you can still take your chances and add yourself to the waitlist.

The size of the waitlist will vary from one location to another. To list yourself on the waitlist, you have to use the app to add yourself. 

Sometimes, this may not be possible on the app, especially if you’re trying to book a class at a studio that is not your “home” studio.

In that case, you have to call the studio to add yourself to the waitlist. 

If someone cancels and you’re next on the waitlist, the studio will usually send you an email alerting you that you got in. Some studios may send you a text message, and others may use a phone call to inform you that you’ve gotten into the class.

That said, these messages occasionally get lost in the shuffle.

It’s worth keeping an eye on your app to see if you’ve been entered into the class.

Is There An Additional Charge To Be On The Waitlist?

You don’t need to pay any amount to join the waitlist. If you get into a class you’re waitlisted for, it will be counted as a class you’d taken. If you have an unlimited class plan, there will be no additional fee.

However, if you don’t have an unlimited class plan, you’ll be counted for a class as normal if you’re accepted into a waitlisted class.

If you don’t make it off the waitlist, there’s no charge to you.

Can’t Sign-Up On The OTF Waitlist?

There are some cases when it seems that you can’t sign up for the waitlist. Even if the class is already full and the waitlist should be open, it is possible that you can’t sign up for it. 

This can happen when both the class and the waitlist are completely full.

At some threshold, the system stops taking backup reservations and blocks you from attempting to get onto the waitlist.

Most likely you’re not going to get into that class. But if you really want it, you could try using the waitlist again in a couple of hours. Perhaps someone has dropped off.

Can’t You Just Show Up And Skip The Waitlist?

In some cases, when you sign-up for the OTF waitlist, it is possible to get into the class. Sometimes, even if you sign-up for the waitlist, you can’t get into class.

So it is really worth using? Can’t you just show up and skip using the waitlist to get into the class you want?

Well, some do use this strategy. Some OTF members just show up in the hopes of getting in. Sometimes it’s worth a shot, especially if you’re in the area anyway.

What about No-Shows? Can You Take a No-Show’s Spot?

Different franchise locations have different policies for vacancies due to no-shows.

Naturally, those who are booked for a class are prioritized to attend the class. However, after some time period, e.g. 5-minutes after class starts, some locations let others take the place of those who did not show up. 

However, those who are on the waitlist may still be prioritized over those who just show up. 

OrangeTheory Waitlist Cancellation Policy

If you’re on the class list and you need to cancel, you have to take action at least 8 hours before the class starts in order to get a refund.

This allows enough time for other members to take your slot and be aware that they will be able to go to the class.

If you cancel later than that 8 hour window, you will be charged for the class, depending on your membership level.

Final Thoughts

OrangeTheory Fitness has a wide array of classes, and lots of opportunities to work out hard. In virtually all cases, you have to book the class in order to attend it.

If the class is fully booked, you can take your chances by adding yourself to the waitlist.

When someone cancels, you’ll move up the list until you are notified that you’re in the class. Some locations notify their members, while others expect you to check the app. 

If you can’t add yourself to the waitlist, it may already be completely full.

If you’re a gambler (or live close to your OTF location), you can just show up and try your luck at getting in. But remember, those who booked and those who are on the waitlist are prioritized to attend the class.

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