What Does Planet Fitness No Commitment Mean?

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Planet Fitness markets itself as an affordable fitness club. They have low fees and even additional promotions that could further attract clients. This would depend on the home gym in your area. Aside from discounts and other promotions, some gyms also have a “no commitment” offer. 

But what does Planet Fitness no commitment mean exactly? Well, the short answer is that it allows you to cancel your membership at any time without paying the cancellation fee.

To further explain how this works, continue reading below.


Fees At Planet Fitness

Before you decide to become a member of any gym or fitness club, it is but wise to know all about their fees prior to your membership. You may be attracted to their low monthly fees, but that might not be the only fee you have to pay for!

We all have had experiences with hidden fees (cell phones hello…). Gyms can be similar.

Monthly Fee

At Planet Fitness, there are a few different fees you could be asked to pay for when you become a member. The first and well-advertised fee is the monthly fee. There are two kinds of memberships and each would cost different monthly fees. 

The classic membership is the lowest price that they have to offer. It could be as low as $10. However, that classic monthly fee will still depend on the home club you are going to.

Planet Fitness clubs are differently owned so they have the capability to charge differently as well. This classic membership will give you unlimited access to the home club and all exercise machines like ellipticals, rowing machines, treadmills, free weights, and bench presses, plus free personal training and classes like yoga. You also get access to the Planet Fitness app with its virtual workouts and crowd meter, and free WiFi for use while exercising.

The other kind is the Black Card membership fee that costs in the range of $22.99. Again, like the classic membership, this amount will vary from one club to another.

This is a more prestigious membership as it allows you additional perks like the use of tanning booths, hydromassage machines, and Total Body Enhancement machines. There can also free haircuts, discounts on merchandise, and you also get to bring a guest or family member to use the gym for free. 

Sign-up Fee

The sign-up fee can also be called the enrollment fee or the start-up fee. This is usually priced at $29. However, there are various offers and promotions that lower this fee down to $1.

This fee will again depend on your home club. They use this offer to attract more members into joining.  

Planet Fitness has also reached out and partnered with various organizations and companies to offer discounts for corporate employees. Depending on the company you work for and their tie-up with Planet fitness, discounts will also vary. You may find a college discount, but usually not.

For classic corporate members, the sign-up, start-up, or enrollment fee is waived. 

Annual Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is yet again another fee you’d have to pay for. It costs about $39. Planet Fitness claims that this fee is used for the maintenance and repair of the gym equipment and the facility itself.

Both classic and Black Card membership would have to pay for this fee. This annual fee is waived only for those with a Black Card corporate membership. 

Cancellation Fee

The membership at Planet Fitness could have you tied for 12 months. Some may offer a 15-month tie-up. This contract or commitment plan means that you have to pay the membership fee of your choice for 12 or 15 months, respectively. 

In case you want to cancel your membership before the commitment period is up, you’d have to pay the cancellation fee which will cost $99. 

And sadly, you can’t do that on the app.

What Does Planet Fitness No Commitment Mean?

Sometimes Planet Fitness offers promotions. One of the common ones is the no-commitment offer.

With this, you don’t have a pre-determined number of months that you’d have to be a member. You’re not tied-up with Planet Fitness so you won’t have to pay the cancellation fee should you decide to change your mind about the membership.

This offer is great for people who are still unsure about really staying at Planet Fitness. 

However, remember that you’ve already paid for the sign-up fee and the annual fee. Planet Fitness doesn’t return those fees to those who cancel their membership.

Final Thoughts

The no-commitment offer at Planet Fitness is a great strategy for the fitness club to attract more members. It is also a great offer for those who are still unsure about being a long-term member at Planet Fitness.

With it, you cancel your membership at any time without having to pay for the $99 cancellation fee. If you really want to be a member at Planet Fitness without having to pay a lot, make sure you take advantage of their offers. S

ometimes, they offer additional discounts along with the no commitment offer.

Written by Kayla Young

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