How To Apply Magnetic Eyeliner

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Drawing emphasis toward the eyes can make the whole face look finished. By using fake lashes, you can amp up the eyes and create beautiful drama. 

The thing with most fake lashes is that you have to use eyelash glue for them to stick. Glue and eyes aren’t a great mix. One of the many innovations in the beauty industry is the development of magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes. 

Today we’ll show you how to apply magnetic eyeliner so that your magnetic eyelashes will stick to it without easily falling off. Furthermore, we’ll tell you what to do when you are done using them for the day. 

There are a couple of different types of magnetic lashes.

The first type uses two sets of magnetic lashes, and each pair is “sandwiched” around your natural lashes.

The second style is the magnetic eyeliner and eyelash combo. In this article, we’ll focus only on these lashes.


What Is A Magnetic Eyeliner

Magnetic Eyeliner

Magnetic eyeliners are usually sold as part of a set with magnetic eyelashes, like the one shown above. However, there are some manufacturers that sell it separately  in case the one in the set runs out and the magnetic eyelashes can still be used. 

This is essentially like eyeliner. However, it doesn’t come in powder or pencil form. It usually comes in a gel liner form. 

It is a well-pigmented product and is quite similar to the other gel liners with the addition of being magnetic. Mixed in the gel are magnetic particles that allow your magnetic lashes to attach to them. 

If you ever run out of eyeliner, a magnetic eyeliner is a great substitute regardless of whether you’re using magnetic lashes or not. You can use it to create a winged eyeliner or just a simple one. 

However, you must remember that magnetic eyeliner can’t be used as a substitute for eyelash glue.

Magnetic fake eyelashes are the only ones that will stick to the magnetic eyeliner. 

Is A Magnetic Eyeliner Safe

Knowing that there are magnetic particles or ingredients in the product, you might question its safety when it comes to application on the skin. The great news is that they are safe for use on the skin. 

Some of them are even considered safer than using traditional eyelash glue. Eyelash glue can be more irritating on the eyes because of the different chemicals and additives on it. 

It can irritate the lashes and the skin. Plus, it could even cause an allergic reaction or in rare cases, infection

On the contrary, magnetic eyeliners are the opposite. Many come in gentler formulations so you don’t have to worry about using them. 

You should note that some people report headaches from magnetic eyeliner.

How To Apply Magnetic Eyeliner

Magnetic Eyeliner

Using magnetic eyeliner is easy. You apply your makeup just as you would if you were using fake lashes. 

Wash your face, moisturize, use a primer, and apply some eye makeup. You may curl your lashes and apply a thin coat of mascara to prepare them for the magnetic lashes. 

Instead of using your regular eyeliner, you’re going to substitute that with magnetic eyeliner. Start drawing from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corners. Make sure that you stick as close as possible to the lash line. 

You can create any kind of eyeliner effect that you want. Do you want a winged eyeliner? How about a downturned liner? You can do any type of makeup look you want with magnetic eyeliner. 

To do that, first, shake the bottle of magnetic eyeliner to mix it evenly. Get some of the product and apply it to your eyes.

You can always add more so it is best to remove the excess from the brush. 

You want your brush to be damp but not dripping wet with the product. This helps you create a cleaner line. 

Once you are happy with how your eyes look with the eyeliner, all you have to do is to wait for it to dry. This is the most crucial step of all. 

You have to make sure that the magnetic eyeliner that you drew is dry before you attempt to attach your magnetic eyelashes. 

Make sure that the magnetic eyeliner that you drew is dry before you attempt to attach your magnetic eyelashes. 

The reason for that is to make sure that the magnetic particles have completely adhered to your skin as the gel dries up. If you try to attach the magnetic eyelashes when the eyeliner isn’t completely dry, the magnets will just attract the magnetic particles then fall off. 

Even if you repeat the steps, it won’t attach properly because the magnets are already covered with the previous magnetic particles. 

Also, before you apply the magnetic eyelashes, it would be best to bend them and trim them if necessary so they perfectly fit your eyes. You can gently fix it and attach it in place. 

If you are not happy with the position, you can gently reposition it. Sometimes, you might need to gently remove the magnetic eyelashes first and clean them off.

Apply some more magnetic eyeliner, wait for it to dry, and reapply your magnetic eyelashes. 

As a tip, you might want to start attaching your magnetic eyelashes from the outer corner first towards the inner corners. 

How To Remove Magnetic Eyeliner

Glamnetic Magnetic Eyeliner

At the end of the day, you’ll need to remove all your makeup, which includes your magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes combo. 

To remove it, you first have to carefully remove the magnetic lashes. Start lifting them from the outer corners of your eyes towards the inner corners.

Once that’s done, you can now remove the eyeliner with a makeup remover. You can use it to remove the eyeliner that got stuck on your magnetic eyelashes. 

It is important to clean off the eyeliner that’s on your magnetic eyelashes before you put them away.

That helps make sure that they last longer. 

Getting the gunk out of them immediately after use helps prevent buildup and helps make sure that they stick properly to your magnetic eyeliner. 

Additionally, it helps prevent you from having a possible eye infection because you didn’t clean your magnetic lashes before keeping them. Just like the other reusable fake lashes that attach with eyelash glue, you need to clean them before storage. 

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