Does Anytime Fitness Have Squat Racks?

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Is strength-building your goal at the gym? For that, you’ll need some gym equipment like free weights, barbells, bench presses, and squat racks. 

Usually, gyms that focus on weight lifting have these. However, some large health and fitness facilities, like Planet Fitness, do not have them

That’s why many prefer Anytime Fitness. But does Anytime Fitness have squat racks? Well, the good news is that Anytime Fitness does have squat racks. 

The number of squat racks that they have will depend and vary across locations. If it is an important part of your exercise routine, then you better double-check your local Anytime Fitness gym.


Why Does Anytime Fitness Have Squat Racks?

Anytime Fitness is a large chain of health and fitness facilities. They have over 4000 locations worldwide. Some even compare them to other huge names like Planet Fitness. 

However, one of their main differences is that Anytime Fitness still has squat racks available in their gyms. Planet Fitness doesn’t.

Planet Fitness removed them for safety issues and to make their gym less intimidating. 

This is such a disappointment to many who go there for strength training!

But the good news is that Anytime Fitness still has racks in their gyms.  

Anytime Fitness targets a wide variety of demographics to their gyms. Whether you want to focus on cardio training, CrossFit-style exercises, or strength training, they have what you need available.

At Any Time!

AF recognizes the importance of squat racks for those into weight lifting, and it sets Anytime Fitness apart from some of the more mainstream gyms.

What Is A Squat Rack?

Squat Rack

What are squat racks anyway? Why are they so useful for weight lifters?

A squat rack is a frame that allows a lifter to do weighted squats. 

Usually these are metal stands that can hold or support a barbell plus the weights at various levels. This exercise helps improve the strength of the hamstrings, thigh, and lower back. 

Why Should You Use A Squat Rack?

Squatting exercises are great for lower body strength. Whether you are squatting with or without weights, you should be working those muscles! 

Squats make use of the largest muscle groups in a single fluid movement. That makes it a key exercise in any of the workout plans. 

The main function of the squat racks is to assist you in progressing your squats by adding more weight. This makes the exercise much more powerful and effective.

How To Use a Squat Rack?

It can be intimidating to see a squat rack. However, do know that it is easy and safe to use as long as you know how to properly do it. 

A squat rack may also be known as a power rack. Usually, the gym has an Olympic standard bar that weighs about 45 lbs. The plates can be loaded on each side of the bar to add weight and make the squats more challenging. 


To use the squat rack properly, you need to first set it up. If it is your first time using it, you should first remove all the weights on it.

With an empty rack, you can start setting up squat rack for workout. Next, you should select the bar position so you can position it at its proper height. You should set it around your shoulder height. 

There are also safety bars, which should always be used and adjusted depending on how low you squat. Make sure you squat as low as possible. 

High and Low Bar sEttings

Most people will be more comfortable using a high bar squat. With this, the barbell is resting on the back but not on the neck.

Powerlifters on the other hand use low bar squats. 

When setting up the position, make sure to recheck and test the bar height to make sure it is correct. Now grab the bar at arms length and make sure your arms are parallel to the floor. 

From there, grip the bar and make sure that you are in the central position. Make sure that your head is also in the central position so that the bar is balanced. 

You can now lift the bar off the rack and make sure you brace your core. Make sure that your feet are also in a solid position. 

Then, the next step is to slide one foot back. This makes sure that the bar isn’t moved from side to side. With the weight away from the racks, you can now do your squat. 

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