Is there a Planet Fitness Family Plan?

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Instilling a routine of exercise and health in your children and your family is incredibly important. Encouraging good habits and an understanding of health will bring a lifetime of benefits.

But if you’ve got a large family, individual gym memberships can ADD UP!

Planet Fitness is one of the largest fitness clubs in the nation, is family-friendly, and is generally quite inexpensive. Is there a Planet Fitness Family Plan?

Unfortunately, the short answer to that is no, Planet Fitness does not offer a family plan.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy working out at Planet Fitness with your whole family. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why Planet Fitness doesn’t have a family plan. We’ll also discuss the different kinds of memberships they offer. Plus, you’ll also get to know how you can get the most out of Planet Fitness, even without the family plan. 


Is there a Planet Fitness Family Plan?

Deciding to work out at a gym or fitness center is a great way to make your body healthier. It would also be great if the rest of the family decides on this. If all family members like to go to the gym, the next best scenario is to save on membership expenses.

However, Planet Fitness doesn’t offer a family plan. 

The main reason why they don’t offer such a plan is that it is rare for someone to have the whole family be a member of a specific gym.

Different people have different preferences. And the main target of Planet Fitness would be those middle-of-the-road people who are looking to use the elliptical, the rowing machine, the bench press, and some free weights.

They’re not looking for lunks, and they don’t have tons of amenities.

It is possible that your daughter might prefer a gym with a basketball court, and your son a gym with a sauna

There simply aren’t a lot of people who look for a family plan in a gym. In short, there is really no huge market for family plans. In fact, many gyms do not have family plans at all.

Some gyms might offer a few discounts for additional family members but they’d still have their own membership plan. OrangeTheory does this.

Additionally, the Planet Fitness membership plan isn’t transferable to anyone. So whether they are a family, friend, or spouse, the membership can’t be passed on.

You’d have to cancel your membership if you are not going to use it and that family member just to have to apply for a new membership plan under his or her name. 

What Membership Plans Are Available at Planet Fitness?

Even if Planet Fitness doesn’t have a family plan, they still offer extremely affordable membership plans. The first one is a no-commitment plan that only costs as low as $10 per month.

This price may vary from one fitness center to another because of the different discount promos and amenities they offer. With this plan, you get unlimited basic access to your home gym, unlimited fitness training, and a shirt. 

The second membership is called the Black Card Membership, and this may be of some use. This is usually priced at about $29 depending on where your home gym is.

With this membership, you get all that the no-commitment plan has plus access to all PF locations, use of massage chairs, and other special amenities like tanning, free haircuts, hydromassages, Total Body Enhancement machines, and discounts.

Plus you can also take anyone with you as a guest to work out on Planet Fitness for free. 

If you’re able to, grab your plan while they’re running a No Commitment promo.

How To Get The Most Out Of The Black Card Membership Plans

If you are looking into getting a membership at Planet Fitness for savings, you’d be pleased to know that you could at least take someone to work out with you for free.

They don’t even have to be a family member. They can be your friend, a special someone, or a workmate. You can take whoever you like. 

The Guest Provision of the Black Card Membership

The only catch is that you have to be a Black Card member.

Through the guest policy, you can take anyone to work out with you for free as long as you are also working out.

Note that some places limit the use of the guest to gym equipment. But, there are also some facilities that allow the guest to use the other amenities, it is really up to the fitness center’s discretion. 

This guest feature basically makes a single Black Card membership work as a Planet Fitness couples membership, as long as you like to work out at the same time as your significant other!

If you really want to influence your family members to work out, you can use this guest policy to take them one at a time. This can save you a lot, as they can try working out with you for free before they decide to get their own membership so they can work out anytime they want even without you. 

Final Thoughts

Although Planet Fitness doesn’t have a family plan, they can still help you save some money on gym expenses through their Black Card membership. This is a great way for couples to work out together, and could even be useful with kids.

If you’ve got seniors in mind, you may have some luck with the Silver Sneakers program.

It also helps your other family members decide whether they like the work out atmosphere that Planet Fitness offers. 

Written by Kayla Young

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