How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership On the App

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Planet Fitness has a great app! They partnered with iFit to provide streaming workouts to both members and non-members. 

The app contains hundreds of different exercises and about 30 workouts. There are also many membership management options on the app.

However, if you are wondering how to cancel Planet Fitness membership on the app, you’ll be disappointed to know that you can’t do that.


That would be too easy.

Read on for some relevant information on how to cancel your PF membership, and also about what you can do with the app.


What Can You Do With The Planet Fitness App?

Using the Planet Fitness app is a great way to keep yourself in shape even if you are at home and can’t go to a Planet Fitness facility. 

Even if you are not a member of Planet Fitness, you can still use the app to get access to hundreds of exercises plus other workouts. These are beginner-friendly and can help keep your body active. 

In that way, it’s really great.

Apart from the exercises and workouts, Planet Fitness members have access to additional features like the referral system. When you refer a friend by giving them your code, they could become members for $1 down, whether they apply for a classic or Black Card membership. Hit the Total Body Enhancement machine!

Members could also book the PE@PF session through the app. They also get a digital key tag that they can use to confirm that they are scheduled for a session. 

Another thing members can do is upgrade their membership. If they are on a classic membership and would want to be a Black Card membership holder, then they can easily do that through the app. 

How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership On the App And Other Methods

As we’ve previously mentioned, canceling your Planet Fitness membership on the app is not possible.

It could be of great convenience but that’s just the way it is. They’re not going to let you go so easily!

Planet Fitness doesn’t allow their members to cancel the membership through the app but there are 2 alternative methods on how to do that. 

We’ve put together detailed instructions for canceling Planet Fitness here.

Canceling In Person

The first is through physically going to your home Planet Fitness facility and telling them to cancel your membership. There are forms that you need to sign to finalize the cancellation, so you really need to be physically present in the facility. 

When canceling your membership in person, be prepared for the staff trying to talk you out of it.

It’s just their job to do so.

They may also give you alternative options like downgrading your membership or pausing it. 

It is up to you whether you take the alternative or not. If you really want to stop your membership, just be firm with your decision.

You can always say that you’re moving or have a health issue. They won’t argue with that.

You’ll sign the needed papers and cancel them. 

However, depending on your billing date, you may still be charged one last time before it finally stops. 

Canceling Through Certified Mail

The other way to cancel your membership is through certified mail. In your letter, you should state your intent to cancel, and include pertinent details that confirm your account. 

The certified mail is sent to your home club. Certified mail is best because it is easier to track. You would know if someone in the facility has already received your cancellation letter. 

After receiving it, someone from Planet Fitness may contact you after about a week to confirm your cancellation. 


Gym memberships are always challenging to cancel. And that is also true for Planet Fitness.

Even if they have an app that you can use for a variety of things, it doesn’t include canceling your membership. 

The app can help you learn exercises or they can also show you workouts you can do. You can refer others through it, book a PE@PF class, get a digital key tag, and also upgrade your membership. 

To cancel Planet Fitness membership, there are just two possible ways to do that. The first is to go to your home facility and cancel in person. There, you’ll be asked to fill up the cancellation form. 

The second method is to send a letter of intent stating that you want to cancel your membership. The letter is sent through registered mail so you’ll know that it was received and will be acted upon by the staff. 

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