OrangeTheory Student Discount: Is It Offered?

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When you’re a student, money is tight. Some have to work to continue their education, others go for student loans, while there are some whose parents take care of their expenses.

Nevertheless, finding ways to save on expenses is important for students. That also includes gym memberships. OrangeTheory Fitness has facilities all over the country and you might wonder: “Does OrangeTheory Have A Student Discount?”

The answer is yes… and no. That’s because it will depend on the facility you go to. Some may have it while others may not.

We’ll explain the OrangeTheory Student Discount policy below. 

Plus, we’ll also tell you about the other discounts that your local OTF may have.


Does OrangeTheory Have A Student Discount? Yes and No.

The answer is pretty confusing, we know. That’s because not all OrangeTheory Fitness facilities offer discounts for students. They are franchises and are individually owned.

In general, OTF doesn’t have a company-wide student discount. 

In general, OTF doesn’t have a company-wide student discount. 

However, some franchisees honor discounts for students. 

This Orange Theory student discount isn’t advertised because the whole company doesn’t offer it.

That doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find. Some franchises will gladly give it to their student clients.

That’s great news, but it isn’t true for all.

The only way you will know that they have it is if you go and ask them for it. 

Some say that some facilities won’t automatically give it to you. They would, however, honor the discount if you ask for it.

So ask if you want the discount! There’s definitely no discount if you don’t ask, so try.

The discount will vary from one facility to another. Some will give a $10 discount, others give a $50 discount for the elite membership, then there are also others who will charge 12 classes for the price of 8. 

All of those savings are significant and are already of great help, especially to students!

Other Discounts At OrangeTheory

Did you know that there are other discounts at OrangeTheory? You might not know all of them because like the student discount, some are also not advertised. 

These will include frontline discounts, healthcare provider discounts, and employee discounts. 

The only way to get them is to ask for them.

Just like the student discount, these discounts are also only provided by some OTF facilities and not all of them.

Your local branch may not offer them.

Apart from the discount that you’d have to ask for, there are also other promotions that they may offer.

Some have a limited time so always check their website for the updated list. As of date, here are the discounts they currently have. 

First Free Class Offer

This offer lets you attend the class for free so you can try it out and see if you really like OTF. OTF’s workouts are quite physically demanding and strenuous. You’re pushing your heart rate to the orange zone. So it is best to consult a physician before trying the class, if you’re concerned or starting from a low health point. 

This is especially true if you have health problems or other physical conditions. This will also be subject to availability. 

30 Day Quit Free Guarantee

This is only available for those who have a premium membership. You should complete all of the 12 sessions within a month’s time from your start date. Those sessions should all be done in the home studio. 

The first month’s membership dues can be refunded. However, the wearables and other sales will not be refunded. 

Buddy-Up Membership Discount

This is only offered in some participating branches only. It can only be redeemed once by the member who received the email. They both need to sign-up and it is limited only for a certain period that is also indicated in the email. 

Family Discount

A family discount is also available at OrangeTheory. However, like other discounts, the family discount will also vary depending on the franchise location. 

Family members who also become a member with the same plan can receive a discount of about $10 to $20 a month. 

Final Thoughts

OrangeTheory Fitness does not offer student discounts as a whole company. However, some franchises do! The only way to find out is to ask.

The student discount is not advertised. That is why you have to actually ask for it. Even if the franchise location honors it, they may not automatically give it to you unless you ask for it. 

Apart from the student discount, there may also be other discounts that you could ask for such as the employee discount, the healthcare provider discount, and the frontline discount.

Apart from these there may also be timely promotions and offers that you can find on their website. 

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