Does Equinox Membership Work In All Locations?

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Do you want to work out in the most luxurious gym? Then Equinox is your jam. This gym is synonymous with luxury and you can see and feel that across all of its locations. 

For those who travel, getting a membership at a gym that has branches around the world is ideal – especially if you can visit and use them all with a single membership. 

Many huge gym chains across the globe offer this but does Equinox membership work in all locations? The short answer is yes. There is a type of membership at Equinox that gives you access to all the locations. 

Let’s tell you more about the different kinds of memberships Equinox has available. 


Does Equinox Membership Work In All Locations?

Popular gyms chains like Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym have a variety of memberships that can grant their members access to either a single location or many locations. 

Equinox, the gym of many famous people, also has this kind of membership. You can get a membership that’s only good for one club. Or you can switch to one that allows you access to all of their clubs.

It’s no surprise that, given Equinox’s high-end reputation, this type of membership is going to cost you!

You also have to take note that the price for access to a single gym will vary from one location to another. It could range from $150 to $230.

However, the membership to gain access to all the clubs will be around $235.

The membership fees still do not include the initiation fee which still varies from one location to another. It could start at $200 and may reach up to $300, depending on your location. 

What Do You Get Out Of The Equinox Membership?

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We all know that your membership will get you access to either a single club or all the clubs. But what makes Equinox so special? What are the perks of being a member of this luxury gym?

Luxury Space

You’ll definitely feel luxurious when you first step into Equinox. It feels like you’re not going to a gym, but rather a very luxurious spa. 

Yes they do have lots of equipment inside their facility. And everything is high-quality and it working order. But beyond that, you’ll see that the space they provide is well designed.

The interior is similar to what you might find in a hotel. 

If you have an eye for design and aesthetics, you will surely appreciate the place. 

Apart from the design, the amenities that they offer are also luxurious. Although other gyms can offer pool areas for their members, the pools at Equinox aren’t just huge, they are also well designed. 

Even the showers give you a luxurious feel with beautiful tiles, spacious showers and locker rooms, and privacy. Plus, they also provide basic hygiene products that come from high-end brands like Kiehl’s as well. 

High-End Training

Apart from looking at the part, Equinox also plays the part by providing its members with a selection of the best fitness experts and coaches available in the area. 

As a member, you’d be able to receive feedback about your progress with the reports they provide. Personal training doesn’t only involve telling you what you should do. 

It also involves correcting your form, checking your technique, getting involved in meal planning, giving you advice when it comes to nutrition, and even mental conditioning while you work out. 

The Classes

Equinox also provides classes, such as yoga, for its members. The great thing here is that as a member, you can attend as many classes as you want. The unlimited classes help make sure that you get the value for your money’s worth. 

Outdoor Running

Running on a treadmill is fine as it helps you workout but wouldn’t it be better to have access outdoors and run with natural fresh air? 

There are Equinox locations that have an outdoor running track available for their members. This doesn’t just provide fresh air — also amazing views, depending on the location.

Of course, if you still want to use the treadmill, there are a number of them available at each Equinox gym.

Relaxation Area

Another wonderful thing you’ll get out of your membership is access to the relaxation areas, including Scandinavian saunas! What a great way to end your workout? 

Equinox doesn’t just look like a spa, they also have a spa where professionals can help you with relaxation and recovery. They can also help you with injuries that you might have gotten during your training. 

Apart from massages, there is also aromatherapy and even facials. If you want massages, you may want to call up the local Equinox to know what kind of massages they offer because they may also differ from one location to another.

Written by Kayla Young

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