Freeze OrangeTheory Membership: What You Need to Know

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OrangeTheory Fitness is a fantastic gym concept, currently sweeping the world. Its members pay on a monthly basis depending on the plan they have, and the add-ons they might have chosen.

Yes, it’s awesome. But sometimes life, injuries, children, or travel intervene, and you just can’t get to the gym.

Rather than cancel your membership, did you know that there is another option? you can Freeze OrangeTheory Membership. If you don’t plan on using the gym for a bit, you don’t have to fully cancel, or just pay the months you know you won’t use.

The great news is that you can also do it multiple times in a year. However, there are limits to how often and how long you can freeze. Additionally, there are also consequences when you freeze your OrangeTheory membership.

In this article, we break down the details.


Pause OrangeTheory Membership

OrangeTheory Fitness has 3 plans for their membership. They have the basic, elite, and premier. Depending on what level you get, you’d be charged monthly for using the gym and attending their classes.

Let’s say you have a premier membership that costs in the neighborhood of $159 a month. The actual cost will vary from one location to another (usually it’s higher in cities).

Unfortunately, you’ve injured your leg and you have to rest and let it heal first before you get back to the intense workouts at OrangeTheory. Instead of paying those monthly $159 fees and missing all the classes, you can just have your membership frozen or paused.

Freezing your membership at OTF will mean that you won’t need to pay the $159 that you are due monthly. Your account can be frozen for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days.

Freezing your membership at OTF will mean that you won’t need to pay the $159 that you are due monthly. Your account can be frozen for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days.

You can do this twice per year.  

After the freeze is over, you’ll resume from where you left off. 

How Much Does It Cost to Freeze OrangeTheory Membership?

Although your account is frozen and you are not going to pay for the usual monthly due, you will likely be charged approximately $15 instead of the usual dues, again, depending on the location.

The amount charged will go back to normal once you unfreeze your account or the freeze period ends. 

However, there is an exception to the $15 charge. If the reason for your freeze is medical or military, then the fee will be waived. 

How To Freeze OrangeTheory Membership

There are two ways how you can freeze your OTF membership. However, both ways may not work on all OTF locations.

Different franchises handle things in different ways.

1. Manually File Paperwork To Pause OTF Membership

The best way to successfully freeze your OTF membership is to personally go to your local OTF franchise location. There, you’ll be asked to fill out a form so they can process the freeze on your account. 

This method works for almost all franchise locations. They need the form filled out and will scan it to their system for proper documentation. 

It is the most straightforward way of freezing your OTF membership.

Some locations are very strict and will only accept this method of freezing your OTF membership.

There are comments from around the internet from OTF members frustrated with this rule. They’re already limping, and they still needed to manually fill out the form!

2. Freeze OrangeTheory Online

Due to the recent pandemic, many people didn’t want to leave their homes to fill out paperwork and freeze their accounts. And of course lockdowns, business closures, and travel guidelines made things even more complex.

The good news is that companies have become a bit more flexible with their paperwork requirements.

Some members have been able to successfully freeze their membership by calling the OTF location and requesting a pause form be sent to them by email.

The paperwork gets sent through DocuSign to the member’s email. Fill out the documentation, and send it back.

The bad news: Although this is a convenient way to process the freeze, not all locations will do it.

This is convenient for those who already have difficulty getting around because of their injury and their reason to freeze their membership.

However, much depends on your home location. It is best to call them up to clarify what their procedure entails.

We get it. OTF needs member fees in order to keep the gym running. They make it complicated to pause or cancel. You can do it, but often you have to jump through hoops. Planet Fitness and other gyms have similar policies.

How To Reactivate Your OTF Membership

As mentioned above, you can only pause your membership for a maximum of 60 days.

After that time period, the membership will automatically be reactivated. You’ll be charged for the full price of the plan, just as normal. 

You can simply wait for 60 days. However, if you want to reactivate your membership at an earlier time, you can do so. 

All you have to do is to contact your local OTF facility. If you decide to unfreeze it before the 30 days is up, your billing date will change to the date when you unfreeze it.

After that, you can now go back and workout as you like. 

Freezing Your Membership During Covid

All of us have been impacted by the pandemic. All the OTF facilities were once closed due to it. That’s why the memberships have all been frozen. 

Members were contacted when facilities were ready to open up. However, members still had the option to extend the freeze. 

Aside from extending the freeze, members weren’t charged the pause fee.

However today, the free charge due to COVID isn’t available anymore. Those who will freeze their accounts will likely pay $15 unless it is a medical condition, which needs a doctor’s note, or a military reason.

Final Thoughts

The OrangeTheory membership freeze option is available for those who can’t attend their classes for a month or two. It prevents you from getting charged the full amount of your plan, while not requiring you to cancel fully. 

Typically, you’d only need to pay approximately $15 for each month your membership is frozen. And you can freeze for at cost if the pause is due to medical or military reasons. 

The best way to freeze your account is to personally go to the OTF location you are enrolled in. That’s because you need to fill up some paperwork. Some locations may allow you to send the filled-up form through email but most will not. 

Good luck!

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