Does OrangeTheory Have A Family Plan?

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Working out is essential to keeping yourself fit and healthy. OrangeTheory Fitness is a great place to go to burn all those excess calories and fat. Their classes are designed to help you burn the fat even in the days after your class. Sweet!

When your family members see the results, they might be intrigued and want to join you! If you all want to work out in the same gym, you might wonder, “Does OrangeTheory have a family plan?

Well, the good news is they do have a family plan! It’s not actually a structured plan, but they offer discounts for each family member that enrolls in the same home studio.

Below, we’ll discuss the requirements and the possible discounts that you can get. 


Does OrangeTheory Have A Family Plan?

Nowadays, every dollar counts. And saving some coin, even on your gym membership, will certainly help.

OrangeTheory understands this.

That is why they are offering different promotions and discounts for their members and potential members. 

Those who belong to the same family and who want to be members of OrangetTheory Fitness are entitled to receive a family discount. Just like the other discounts that they offer, the specific amount will vary from one franchise location to another. 

However, the family discount is something that is available for all franchise locations. It is also well-advertised on their official website. 

Not all gyms provide this. For example, Planet Fitness does not.

Family Discount Requirements And Rules

The family discount is only applicable to immediate family members.

Your third cousin’s boyfriend’s aunt Mildred won’t be able to get on your plan.

There are requirements that should be met and rules that should be followed. These requirements and rules can also vary from one franchise location to another. 

The main rule is that the family should be enrolled in the same home studio. Some franchise locations may require family members to sign up at the same time to get the discount.

Additionally, they may also be required to provide proof that all live in the same household. 

There isn’t an actual “family plan” per se. Each family member has their own individual plan, which they can cancel or freeze as needed. They are just given discounts out of their own plans when they meet all the requirements. 

There is no clear age policy when it comes to the OrangeTheory Fitness classes. It will depend on the location.

Some have it at 16 while others may have it at a different age.

In order to make sure, it is best to call ask the franchise location you want to enroll in as your home studio. 

The limit as to how many family members can have the family discount is also unclear. That may depend on the franchise location’s discretion. Inquire personally or through the phone to your local franchise location.

The Discounts

We’re now on the exciting part! So what discounts do you get from the family discount? Well, unfortunately, we cannot tell you the exact amount of savings you get.

It can vary from one location to another. 

However, what we know for sure is that the discounts are applicable only for those with an Elite or a Premier membership. If you have a basic membership, there most likely won’t be a discount.

Those who have an Elite membership, could get a discount of about $10 to $20 a month for each of the family members.

Similarly, those with Premier membership are also likely to get about $10 to $20 discount for each of the family members as well. 

Again, this varies from location to location.

Family Discounts On Extra Sessions

If you decide to drop in for a class, it will cost you an additional $30 per class. If you feel that you are going to attend more sessions than what your plan offers, you can add classes to your plan for about $15 to $20 per class. However, discounts for these aren’t given.

If you significantly want to increase the number of classes to take, let’s say by adding 10 more, you can get the packages. These packages already give you discounts because they’d typically charge about $200 for the 10 sessions. 

There are other packages that have even more sessions. The more sessions in the package, the bigger discount you get.

Some locations may also offer a family discount for the additional package if multiple members also take the additional packages. 

The exact discount given, and whether they would give it or not, will depend on the franchise location of your home studio.


Getting your whole family to work out at OrangeTheory Fitness has its perks. Your family will be healthier and you can also take advantage of the family discount. 

Although they do not have a specific plan for a whole family, family members who live in the same household and enroll at the same home studio could be given a discount of around $10 to $20 a month.

This discount is for each family member who has an Elite or Premier plan, and it can vary from location to location. Good luck!

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